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Alpha Phi Alpha Custom Leather and Bead Bracelet

Alpha Phi Alpha Custom Leather and Bead Bracelet

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Show off your Alpha Phi Alpha pride with this custom leather bracelet! This black leather bracelet is crafted of high-quality material with a gold-tone stainless steel ornament, giving you just the right combination of sophistication and sparkle. It stands out but won't be overly gaudy -- perfect for those looking for a subtle yet chic accessory.

It measures 8 inches and includes an extension for larger writs. Its stainless steel magnetic clasp makes it easy to put on without fear of losing it during your daily activities. The tightly woven design ensures that this handmade piece will be strong and durable enough to last a long time.

High-quality jewelry lovers don't miss out and get this chic Alpha Phi Alpha Custom Leather and Bead Bracelet today!

“Buyer acknowledges and agrees that he/she is an Authorized Buyer and is purchasing for a member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. (“Fraternity”) paraphernalia and other goods that bear the Fraternity’s logos, designs, copyrights and trademarks (“Fraternity Items”). Buyer understands and agrees that a non-member is not allowed to purchase, own, or possess such items except when purchasing such items for the benefit of an active member. Buyer also acknowledges and agrees that the purchase of Fraternity Items for any other reason is prohibited. In addition, Buyer acknowledges and agrees that purchasing these item(s) under false pretense authorizes the Fraternity to immediately (1) immediately remove such items from the internet, and social media and other platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, eBay,,, Pinterest and the like (hereinafter collectively “Third Party”); and (2) confiscate such purchased item(s) from Buyer, and from the aforementioned Third Party and their mediums on which Buyer attempts to sell them. Buyer also knowingly waives its right under the First Sale Doctrine to subsequently sell, and attempt to sell, any item(s) bearing a Fraternity Mark, individually and through a Third Party or by any other means.”

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